Harris Bank

Working with our friends at Resolution Digital Studios is always fun. With this project we were able to use our compositing expertise to help Hubert the Harris Bank Lion to pull the J.D. Power & Associates award across the table. Oh, you really thought he was there? I guess we succeeded.

Crossfit Resurgence: More Than a Workout

Like a Phoenix from the ashes…Crossfit Resurgence will revitalize your life. To help them make that point, Justin revitalized their logo. BTW, Fred lost 65 lbs working out with these amazing folks.

Miller Lite

In this national spot, Miller decided to do some last minute adjustments. We provided some facial re-compositing and also integrated the footage into every television in the spot. Rotoscoping is fun!

Mustangs for Warriors

FBP is proud to have helped Jim Thomas of Bar T Horsemanship promote a 300 Mile Ride for his Mustangs for Warrior project. Jim not only helped raise awareness of America’s pioneer spirit, the Wild Mustang, he raised over $20,000 for the Wounded Warriors Foundation. 

Crossfit Family

What is Crossfit?  Crossfit is constantly varied functional movement performed at hight intensity.  What is Crossfit Resurgence?  Crossfit Resurgence is Family.  We created this video to give potential CFR members a taste of what its like to be part of the family.  Trust us, it's not a cult.  Come drink some of our Kool-Aid!


Directed by Fred. Interactive media produced for the web. Fast and Furious. 20 talent x 45 vignettes + an 80 foot green screen set in 2 days = one happy client.

Brian Hilligoss: Leave Your Heart at Home

First 3D Blue Grass Music Video... EVER! Of course what you're seeing here is only 2D. You should see it in 3D. Brian and the band almost jump off the screen and Jill in 3D, well, what can we say. Let us know if you'd like to see it in all its 3D glory. Fun, fun, fun!