Get Ready to Wow ‘em!

Want to use technology in exciting new ways? Create something nobody else has done before? Go bigger? Do it better? Get it done faster? These are the types of projects Fred Blurton Productions (FBP) relishes. And it shows in everything we do.

LIVE EVENTS – From major attractions in theme parks to inspirational programs in mega churches, FBP can help you astound any large audience.


CORPORATE – From business meetings to product launches, brand videos, and business theater presentations at Tier One trade shows, FBP can help you do it all in award-winning fashion.


BROADCAST – From local to national, politics to products, FBP handles everything from shoot to finish including animation and special effects. With FBP, the process is not only smooth and hassle-free, it’s fun!

PHOTOGRAPHY – From majestic vistas to family portraits, FBP delivers more than a picture. We capture magical moments that have the power to move.