PSTC: Think Tape

PSTC-Pressure Sensitive Tape Council. Sound exciting, well it is!! We found out just how exciting tape can be and built this video to prove it. If you want to know more, go to Think Tape for a Bond you can Trust.


We love tools and we love Bosch. They asked us to create a meeting opener for their annual meeting that was big but personal. We built a 40’ x 10’ widescreen video that focused on the Bosch team’s vision of what it takes to stay ahead in their market. Bosch Tools Rock!!

L.A. Firehawks

Produced for Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, with less than a week to prepare and shoot. Another week to edit. Big toys, big fun and BIG air!


This two-minute moving poster combines text, stills, and stock footage along with an impactful score to create an inspirational video you’ll want to watch over and over again!


Intel in Barcelona. Huge Show, Huge Wall. The media was a whopping 7680 x 2160 pixels. For all you non-tech geeks out there, that’s four times wider than normal HD and two times taller. El sorprender.

Sikorsky Heli Expo

Heli Expo. Big toys. Big initiative. Big media. Little time. Less than one month to produce and deliver. Big success.

Siemens LED Wall

We love working with LED Walls. This one was nearly 50 ft wide and 20 ft tall. You could see it from anywhere on the Trade Show Floor. This was a great job Siemens, way to represent!