We Love What We Do!


As FBP’s owner and founder, Fred brings over thirty years of experience to every project, providing start-to-finish services to ensure success. He effortlessly manages the “big picture” and the “little details,” keeping projects on track, on time, and in budget. Every project produced by FBP reflects his professionalism, creativity and genuine joy for the work. As a result, working with Fred is easy, fun, and memorable.



As FBP’s principle visual designer, Justin brings fifteen years of experience working with state-of-the-art digital media technology. Justin's expertise in After Effects, photography, 3D and multi-screen projection is mind-blowing.  Justin brings a fresh look to everything he touches…from well-established global brands to elegant typography.  


Dustin Foster

Dustin is the Swiss army knife of creative tools that you want on your team; especially when a deadline seems impossible. He's an intuitive editor and colorist who has delivered award-winning content for broadcast, web and the indie film circuit. 


Daniel Wiltshire

It's pretty obvious how prolific, hardworking and innately talented Daniel Wiltshire is.  Whether it's hand drawn illustrations, 3D animation, motion graphics or even poster design -- this left-handed wizard is the much needed addition to any creative project.